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The House Rabbit Society is a 100% volunteer organization.  Our volunteers do everything so we love our volunteers.  Because rabbits are the third most abandoned pet in the U.S. and because we have over 40 different animal shelters and animal controls calling us for help with rabbits plus the numerous calls we receive from the public, there are always a lot of bunnies needing help.  Volunteering can include everything from cleaning cages to helping at events.

Shelter volunteering:

Volunteering also requires learning more about rabbits so you can help provide good information to others and, if you are helping at the shelter, learning how we do things there to care for the bunnies.

We do have young people who help, also, but there is a criteria.

Volunteers must be 16 yrs. old to come without parents and they still need to have a parent's permission until they are 18 yrs. old. 

Children between 14 - 16 yrs. need to volunteer first WITH a parent or guardian and then if the parents are okay with our set up the child may continue to volunteer alone with the parent dropping off and picking up. 

At 13 yrs or younger (down to 10 yrs. old) a parent or guardian must volunteer right alongside the child EACH time.  We are unable to supervise children at all times so it must be the parent's responsibility. 

Because we are a 501(c)3 recognized charity, any volunteer work here is also good for community service hours (often required by schools or various organizations) or volunteer hours within the guidelines of many businesses which encourage their employees to do volunteer service. 

We do not publish our address because we are not open to the public.   We have a permit from St. Louis county so that our members may come here and so that we may do educational activities here.  Our volunteers are also members.  New volunteers would not need to immediately become members as initially it comes under the heading of education and some people may decide that working with the bunnies is not something they like.  Those who do stay on need to become members so that we are not in violation of our permit.
For volunteering at our shelter/adoption center we have people come at specified times and we need to have someone here when new volunteers come.  The majority of our volunteers have regular full time jobs so only a few are available to come during the day.  Most of our volunteers come on weekday evenings from 7pm - 9pm or Saturdays between 9am - 4pm or Sundays between 1pm - 4pm.   We try to match our volunteers with the best schedule for them, but within the time frame of when we have experienced volunteers available.

If you need additional information, please send an e-mail to mo_hrs@hotmail.com  or call our message line at 314-995-1457.

Additional volunteer opportunities:

Collect items needed at the Bunny House Shelter:  See our "Donations" page for list.

Fundraising and educational events: Like the Bunny Expo (usually in June) and the Holiday Animal Boutique (usually in Nov./Dec.)  Call 314-995-1457 or email mo_hrs@hotmail.com

PetsMart and Petco adoption days: Contact Marjorie at mmanahan@charter.net

Sewing: Perhaps you, a friend or a relative like to sew.  We can give them fabric and a pattern to sew rectangular pads to fit our bunny crates.  Contact: Pat Daly: wdaly@sbcglobal.net

Sanctuary homes: We need permanent homes with experienced bunny people for a few sanctuary bunnies. Placing our sanctuaries will give us room for more rescues.  Many of these rabbits are extremely shy and need good socialization to help them become adoptable or if they are too shy then it allows them to have a happy sanctuary home.  Some bunnies are elder buns and they would do much better in a home than in our shelter. Other bunnies may be a bit cranky or they may have a chronic health issue that is not so debilitating that they need to be euthanized.  However, it does need to be managed so, again, we need experienced bunny people.  MO HRS covers medical costs for sanctuary bunnies. Their caretakers get our best discount on hay and supplies.  If you are interested in helping, please email mo_hrs@hotmail.com   

Educate yourself and others:

As long as people think of animals as "things" instead of "beings", they will continue to throw them away. Learn as much as you can about rabbits and their care. Learn what questions to ask a vet BEFORE you take your rabbit there.  The National House Rabbit Society site is a great place to start. http://rabbit.org/
Also, we have wonderful MOHRS educators who would be happy to help you.  Have a bunny question?  E-mail us at mo_hrs@hotmail.com

Educate everyone you know to be aware of the widespread use of rabbit fur in pet toys, trim on clothes etc. Pay attention in Hobby stores (some sell bunny skins), talk to managers, contact main offices etc.  If you see something wrong, speak up!

Many companies test their products on rabbits. What brands of products are cruelty free?  Click             to find out.

Educate everyone you know about such subjects as rabbit overpopulation and why giving real, living "Easter Bunnies" is NOT a good idea!  Easter bunnies should be chocolate, not real. People who truly want a rabbit as a permanent family member should remember: "Don't shop - Adopt!"
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