Rescued Polk County Bunnies!
The public met the Polk County Bunnies at the Humane Society on Sunday, Oct. 5th, 2008.
Dear Members and Friends,

We vacated the Humane Society today and the five remaining Polk County bunnies went to temporary homes.

We are thinking of holding a "bunny date night" so the bunnies in foster homes can be introduced to bunnies that need bond mates. 

Our chapter's commitment to save the Polk County bunnies was a massive undertaking and the biggest challenge we have ever faced.  You succeeded in saving the lives of all 43 bunnies because you joined together as a team to get the job done.

Sunday's Adoption Event was very successful:  Eighteen bunnies were adopted and several bunnies went to foster homes, including a few special needs bunnies.

So many of you made tremendous sacrifices for the Polk County bunnies that it is impossible to name everyone who deserves credit.  You sacrificed your time with no compensation save the emotional reward of saving 43 bunnies that you believed deserved to live.

We owe a huge hug to Maggie Perez, our East Side member, who devoted every day since the August 12 confiscation to care for the bunnies housed at the Humane Society, plus the many guinea pigs that the Humane Society placed in the bunny room.  Without Maggie, a desire to save the bunnies would not have been fulfilled.

Yet, Maggie could not have managed without the many volunteers who helped her.  A special "thank you" goes to Sandy Gnaan and son Richard Burt for the countless hours they spent caring for the bunnies.

We are immensely grateful to Dr. Linda Beisswenger, owner of Hope Animal Hospital in Fenton, who spent countless hours, with no compensation, addressing the medical needs of the bunnies.  Dr. Linda participated in triage when the bunnies arrived, as well as Lea Canada, her hospital administrator.  Dr. Linda provided additional exams for the Polk County bunnies, provided information to the Humane Society's medical staff, and spent many hours on the legal documentation for the court case to prevent the animals from being returned to the owner.

Dr. Linda and her Veterinary Assistant Rennie Bodien gave up a Sunday to spay & neuter 20 bunnies so they would be eligible for adoption.  We are grateful, too, for the assistance provided by Elly Kelly, DVM, A-70 Veterinary Hospital, Wentzville, and Rachel Beltz, DVM, N. Main Animal Hospital, O'Fallon, MO.

A special "thank you" goes to our members Bill Switzer and Rich Rottnek, who did the "heavy lifting" Saturday to set up the lecture hall in preparation for Sunday's Adoption Event and those who helped throughout the day.

Too, this effort would not have succeeded without our members and friends and the companies who donated money and product to support the bunnies.  We acknowledge PetSmart Charities, Carol House, Zupreem, El Mel, Purina Mills, FURminator, American Pet Diner and United Pet Group, a distributor in Edwardsville, IL.

We gratefully acknowledge the Humane Society for its dedication to giving the animals a second chance.  We especially thank the rescuers who collected the animals from the hellish premises of the Polk County hoarder, Adoption Center's Director Cyndi Nason, Supervisors Pam Whitcraft, Corrie Stengle, Holly Witzel and Randi Kephart and we thank the employees who gave up their lunchroom to house the bunnies.

And, finally, we thank all our members who opened their homes to accept a Polk County bunny.  You are truly blessed for giving the bunnies safe sanctuary and your love.

There are no words adequate to express the pride I have for everyone who turned a very sad situation into one of happiness.

Joy Gioia
House Rabbit Society, MO
St. Louis Chapter Manager

Above are just a very few of the precious bunnies that were rescued from Polk County.
There are still many more who need our help.
For your labors and compassion on behalf of the gentle creatures that cannot tell us about the horrors they've seen and the pain they've endured, thank you.