Camille  Feb 2005- March 27, 2008
You were afraid when you first came to the main foster home and would bite and box.  You became more trusting and I took you home in October 2006. I miss how you would run to the refrigerator and wait for your lettuce. I miss you sitting in the living room in the evenings. You are forever in my heart. Susan H.
Chuck  2008 
Chuck was the best bunny ever. Joy and Nancy took very good care of him his last days. Nancy had to care for him because he needed  special care that I could not give him. Joy and Nancy are such special people.  Chuck was found under a truck almost 9 years ago and he has been with us for that long until he went to bunny heaven. I have 3 foster bunnies, and they miss him too (the girls used to like to bug him) I miss him more than anything but am thankful we could give him lots of love over the years.
Skittles  Oct 2005 to Dec 2007 
We lost Skittles, our black and white Mini Lop, on Christmas morning in 2007.  He was only 2 years old. Skittles was a very special bunny and member of our critter family. He was intelligent, active, friendlly, and loving. Skittles and his wife, Cadbury, both love to go to the rabbit meetings and to meet other rabbits. In the two short years that we had him, he brought us a lot of joy and we we will never forget him. Skittles and Cadbury loved each other so much and they bonded very quickly so we knew it was love at first sight.  We miss him so much but he is at peace now with our other 2 cats, Spankster and Misty. I guess they needed him in Heaven to help care for all the other pets we have lost. We will see them all some day again.
Memorials  Page 2
HRS MO St. Louis
Button     July 2008
Button was adopted in 2005 she was loved by all she touched. I love and miss you my little Boo Boo Bunny.
Dear Friends,
In April 2009, the rabbit community as well as the animal community lost one of its greatest advocates, Amy Espie.

As many of our members know, Amy has been with House Rabbit Society since before we were even founded. She was featured in the first edition of the House Rabbit Handbook, and was one of the seven people who initially formed the House Rabbit Society along with Marinell and Bob Harriman back in 1988. Since that time, she's been a fosterer, an educator, our first Education Director, a board member, a sanctuary fosterer, and a House Rabbit Journal writer and editor.

Her work to save rabbits, and all animals, will continue to have an impact on the world for years to come.  To read a memorial to Amy, and to see a beautiful video about her impact, compiled by Marinell Harriman and using photos and videos of Amy's, please go to:                    
Margo DeMello
House Rabbit Society
Hopscotch was an adolescent when we adopted him from the Rabbit Shelter, and he had adolescent energy, zipping around the house at Indy 500 speeds.  Extremely curious, he had to explore, map, and chart every nook and cranny of our house; we called him our "Little Furry Magellan."   He obviously relished the exploration process so much that I created
arrangements of boxes, tunnels and bridges for him, and, to keep it interesting, I rearranged the pattern often.   As he grew older, he matured into an earnest and gentlemanly rabbit, cooperative and cuddly, perfect about his litter box, happy to be held or to sit on the couch with us. Alas, he died too young, just short of seven, of congestive heart failure.
He was a sweet, dear bun, and we miss him still.        Elaine and Don Moser
In loving memory of Hedwig, 2002-2009, our first rabbit. She taught us that lops are opinionated and moody, but she also showed us that lops are very loving once one gave them the chance. She loved her treats, her head rubs and nose rubs and loved to bask in the sun.
Rest in sunshiny peace, Hedwig!  Beloved bunny of the Wesemann family.
Shannon May 2010
Shannon was about a year old when she was found huddling in the snow at a neighborhood park in January 2000.  Her rescuers soon learned how wonderful a big white bunny can be.  She lived the rest of her life with them as a contented, affectionate, indoor rabbit in a home where she was much loved and pampered until she passed to the Rainbow Bridge in May 2010 at the age of at least 11.  Beloved bunny of Kristina & Martin Oswald
Oliver (aka Oliver Twist) May 2010
Oliver was part of the Polk County confiscation and I adopted him in October of 2008 - so he was just about 2 1/2 years old.  I always called him "my little Shih-Tzu" because he was more like a dog than a bunny.  He just liked to hang out with us in the family room.
Oliver is dearly loved and missed by Marjorie Mananhan
Albert and Marigold, sanctuary bunnies - June 2010

Albert, a Flemish Giant was a  huge hunk of grey bunny love!  Albert was from our very first MO HRS confiscation in Dec. of '02 so we figure he was about 8 or 8 1/2 yrs. old.  Not too old by small bunny standards, but a ripe old age for a Flemish Giant plus he had battled e-cuniculi the entire time. Albert was very special to us.  He will be truly missed.
He outlived a number of bondmates, the last of which was Marigold, a lop eared cutie.  She too has crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. 
Queen Elizabeth, sanctuary bunny
One of Albert's beloved bondmates.  She had been passed from home to home and understandably had become unhappy and grumpy.  Then she met Albert and fell in bunny love and regained her joy of life. She lived out her life loved and cared for as a sanctuary bunny until she crossed over to Rainbow Bridge.  She is now with her Albert. 
Twinkie (tan bunny) 2005-2010 and Tabitha (black bunny) 2006-2009
Twinkie taught me a lot. We all know rabbits are unique animals but Twinkie was extra special; perhaps because he was given so much freedom.  He was much like having an opinionated, furry, preschool child in the house.  Complete with temper tantrums, weekend illnesses, days when he was totally independent and moments when he just needed to snuggle.  He had to investigate and assist with any project I had going in the living room and wanted to checkout whatever I had to eat.  He made it clear that meat and dairy were Not for bunnies.  He was the king of flops and loved to flop on Tabitha for their afternoon naps.
Tabitha was soft, fluffy, patient, and ready to follow Twinkie on his adventures.  She filled a hole in Twinkie's life for 3 years; now, he has joined her at the Rainbow Bridge for new adventures. Beloved bunnies of  Thelma Miller
Handsome Harry, sanctuary bunny. Lost to cancer, June 5, 2010.
Harry was approximately 6 years old when he came to live with us.  We were lucky to have him in our lives for almost 2 years (I am tearing up as I write this).  Because it is hard to have your pets die, I had every intention of fostering a younger bunny, who would live with us longer. However, when I saw Harry, his age did not matter because I fell in love. My kids, husband and I thought Harry was handsome and nicknamed him "Handsome Harry".  He was black and white and had very soft fur.  Harry's one ear stuck up and the other was usually down.  When he looked at us out of one eye, it seemed like he was winking at us.  Very cute.  Harry was the most outgoing of our bunnies.  He was the only one who was not afraid to play with our cats.  If they got out of line, he would put them in their place.  Harry loved to visit with us.  He would come lay his head on our laps, asking to be petted.  When we sat on the floor playing a game and he decided that we did not pay enough attention to him, he would lay his head on the game board.  Harry was very loved and is very missed.  Even though we intend to foster another bunny, Harry will never be forgotten or replaced.  Beloved bunny of the Justin family.
Desi was quite simply the best bunny in the world.  Everyone who met him felt joy at his antics and soft, soft fur.  He loved carrots and to bunsplore his surroundings.  He loved to run up and down the hallway and end with a big jump on the couch.  He loved to chase Lucy around and steal her treats; she groomed his face, and he loved to groom her tail.  Desi loved to sneak outside and hide under the grape vine.  He hated cats and loved having his face rubbed.  He is missed with a companion soul's grief.  Cynthia Gong
Bernadette 2010  This dear French Lop came in with the Franklin County Confiscation, and you can't even remember her from there, she looked like a Mini-Lop instead of her full 13 lb. body that of a French Lop. She was a foster at our house, and we loved her, but she came down with an ear infection and regained URI. Her little heart stopped working on Oct 1, 2010. We love her and will miss her dearly, we hope that she's doing great at Rainbow Bridge. We will meet her there when our time comes.
Love you Bernie! The Brown-Weicht Family
Sisi 2010 (left) and Buddy 2009 (right)
Buddy and Sisi were sanctuary fosters due to aggression and health issues.  With understanding and gentle care, their wonderful personalities bloomed, and their foster family loved them for many years.  Buddy went to the Rainbow Bridge in late 2009, and Sisi has joined him in October 2010.  They are both missed and still loved.

Elaine Moser October, 2013 - Loving bunny mom to Hopscotch (pictured above),Mary Queen of Spots and the many HRS shelter buns she lovingly cared for. To learn more about this wonderful woman click on her photo.