Butterfree - January 5, 2011
You were such a sweet bunny.  We rescued you from such a horrible place and we were so happy that you graced our lives for the short amount of time that you were with us.  From your pumpkin colored nose all the way down to your extra long and adorably cute fluffy tail; we truly loved you and will always miss you.  You were our Checkered Giant baby, only 6 months when you were taken from us.  But we will meet you up at Rainbow Bridge when it is our time, so just wait and continue to be your AWESOME self up there like I know you can and will be!  Mommy and Daddy love you the most, as do/did your prospective bondmates: Zack, Apples, and Sonic! LOVE YOU!!!
Bunny Huggles and Luv, The Brown-Weichts
Hopper - January 2, 2011
We lost our little buddy Hopper tonight.  We got him when he was 3 and we loved him for 8 years more.  He leaves a huge hole in our lives.
T. Wyatt
Peanut Bunner - went to Heaven, November 30, 2010
From the Polk County confiscation, I got him as a young bunny, in Nov. 2008.  Only 2.5 pounds when healthy, he was a teeny, tiny bundle of energy and love. He gave me kisses and played "wun away wabbit". We had tough times with chronic health issues, but Peanut was always the sweetest little thing who brought me so much joy, there aren't words for it. We became very close and I miss my little "Froggy" terribly. I was horrified to find him gone that morning.  I thank God and HRS for letting me be the one to be blessed with being his mom for the short time he was to be here. I love you forever my little man.  Thank you for loving me back.
D. Stotler
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HRS MO St. Louis
Snickers - July 8, 2002 to March 18, 2011
A wonderful rabbit her entire life, Snickers had a huge attitude and could get really sassy when you weren't listening to her.  Her favorite things were shredding newspaper, rearranging towels, and Yogie treats.  The runt of the litter, I fell in love with her and brought her home August 17, 2002.  She was diagnosed with cancer in October of 2010, and not expected to live but a couple months.  However, she had the want to live and just earlier this month I recognized how uncomfortable and unhappy she was, and had to make a decision I still wish I had never been faced with.  She was a wonderful bunny, and even when I told her that it was time to say good-bye, she gave me little kisses until she was gone.  If that isn't forgiveness and love, I don't know what is.  Enjoy bunny heaven, my wonderful Snicker-doodle-baby.
Jessica Morrissey
Molly - April 2008 - April 2011 Molly was rescued in the Franklin County confiscation in March 2010. However, it wasn't until March 2011 that she came into our home. When she first came, she refused all food, even treats, so I nursed her back to health with Critical Care. To gain her trust I would sit and talk to her and sing her a song I made up about her: "My ears are big, my face is cute, my name is Molly!". For 3 nights straight I slept on the floor in her room. My efforts worked and Molly began eating a little bit and would even come when I called her. Even though Molly had made progress, she was still losing weight. We only had her for 3 weeks before cancer took her from us, but she and I bonded as I was the only person she would come to. Even in her frail state she still managed to pull off a binky, this let me know that she knew we loved her. Our last night together was torture to my heart strings.  We miss her greatly, but we know that she is in bunny heaven with health and sight regained. We miss you Molly, a.k.a. Mols/Good Golly/Miss Molly.
- Megan Goss-Bruns & Andrew Bruns,  Molly's foster parents
To Foo Foo, who passed today 8/17/2011 after a very malignant lymphoma attacked your poor bunny body.  You were our first bunny and you made the household complete with your humorous antics and love.  As the "Queen of Everything" you ruled the first floor of the house with charm, dignity, good manners and stubbornness.  You demanded everyone's attention, disapproved greatly of most behaviors that did not involve feeding or petting you and managed to communicate all this without ever making hardly a sound. Thank you for gracing us with your presence, and "finding us" when you needed out of a bad situation.  You deserve all the bananas you can eat, all the pettings you can stand, and all the love you deserve.
We miss you.  Mike and Sarah Evans 
Elaine Moser October, 2013 - Loving bunny mom to Hopscotch (on page 2 of Memorials), Mary Queen of Spots and the many HRS shelter buns she lovingly cared for. To learn more about this wonderful woman click on her photo.
Gigi - August 22, 2014
This tribute is to a dear bunny named Gigi, who died August 22, 2014.  The picture of Gigi and her babies is from the MOHRS 2009 calendar.  She was a beautiful, gentle bunny, who lived happily with her mate, Bud, for about 5 years.  Goodbye sweet Gigi.
Joanne C. Hohlman
Nannerbelle -  2003 - 2014
Nanner joined our family in 2005 and quickly became a bond mate with our laid back Beulah. In her younger days she was forced to fight for her position and food but she soon learned it was not necessary in her new home.

I quickly learned what the word “snarf” meant and its definition in our house was Nanner’s eating behavior. In addition to enjoying the diverse food and treats she soon became our little diva.
Whatever Nanner wants …Nanner gets!  

If she was upset with you it was, “Talk to the butt!” and heaven forbid if you changed her routine or habitat. Once, another very athletic, Buster bunny jumped out of his corral and visited her in “her territory” and she stood her ground in the middle of the floor and let us know, in no uncertain terms, that he was not to be allowed in her tent and she wanted him out immediately!

She was a very curious bunny and we discovered our bunny proofing was inadequate when she was stuck behind the glass doors of the entertainment center. Beulah could see her and he was very upset until we got her out.

Although she shared top bunny status with Beulah we would have to guard poor Beulah to make sure he (yes he – we obviously did not know his sex when we named him) would have an opportunity to slowly lick and savor his banana.

After Beulah died she became more receptive to human companionship and soon became the sweetest bunny who loved pets and being doted on. She also loved her Nannertime resting on my shoulder and enjoying the gentle pets.

Nanner had a great zest for life and seized the day with vitality. She was rarely sick but we always knew immediately there were problems if she didn’t come running for her banana.

You will be in our thoughts forever Nanner and we were fortunate to be a part of your life.
The Fordyce family
Frannie (lop bunny on the right) - August 3, 2015
I fell in love with a small very furry bunny at the St. Louis Humane Society while cleaning cages for the over 100 rescued.  I immediately called her Frannie.  When custody was transferred, I brought Frannie home.  I soon brought Jack home from the same confiscation. They bonded immediately and soulfully.  It was a match made in heaven. Frannie passed August 3, 2015, after headtilt seized her small body.  I will miss her so much, and Jack is not his cheerful self tonight.  We will miss you dear sweet beautiful Frannie.

Joanne C. Hohlman
Oreo was bought at a farm supply store just before Easter in 2006. 
Thank goodness we found the House Rabbit Society within the first year.  We learned so much - especially to stay out of "big box" pet stores.   We loved Oreo and I know she loved us...she loved her ears rubbed.  She was so sweet...I miss her already.  She had a long happy life.  Thank you MO House Rabbit Society for teaching us how to care for our bunny and give her a long life.    

The Suntrups
Blossom and Petunia - Ruby Eyed New Zealand White Bunnies  2009 - 2017
These two beautiful girls were from the 2009 Stone County rescue/confiscation. They had been bred to be "meat/fur" rabbits.  They were both so much more than that. So sweet and funny. Big lumps of bunny love. Easy to handle, easy to groom, easy to medicate. I miss them both so much.  I lost Petunia (right) in January 2017 and Blossom (left) in June 2017.  They both passed of old age kidney failure.  I will always love them and be grateful for getting to be their mom and share their lives and love.  Diann Stotler
Dottie Wabbit and Tasha Lovelump
Shown here at a MOHRS Bunny Boutique.  Due to their past treatment, they were uncomfortable with humans, but they still allowed me to hold them, handle them, groom them and so on. Very sweet bunnies. Dottie's bunny husband, "Buster" had died so we adopted Tasha for Dottie and they quickly bonded.  These two were a hoot when they decided to "redecorate" their room, tossing boxes around, shoving blankets where they wanted etc. Sweet, sweet girls. I will love you always!  Diann Stotler
Tater - 2010 - 2018

It’s with a heavy heart that I report that my best friend Tater has passed away.   He was adopted from the MoHRS in 2010 as ‘Charlie’ and moved with me out to Colorado. He was friendly, curious, and loved attention from humans. He was the best rabbit anyone could ever hope for.