"Misty Blue Fund"
For bunnies in need of urgent care.

Beautiful "MIsty Blue" when she arrived                     One side of mouth pulling up.                     Mouth is visible from facial nerve damage.

Misty Blue arrived with a golf ball sized abscess on her abdomen from being kept in a bad wire floored cage, but her sweet demeanor held up throughout treatment.  Then we noticed that one side of her face was pulling up starting at the mouth indicative of facial nerve damage caused by severely infected middle ears.  Her infection was so severe, she needed specialized surgery, so we began raising funds.  Then the unexpected happened as described by our chapter manager:

To all who have been supporting Misty Blue, it is with a grieving heart that I have to let you know that we lost her on Friday night, Feb. 10.   Her ear/skull surgery was scheduled for Valentine's Day, Feb. 14.

On Thursday evening, Feb. 9 she was no longer wanting to eat and her energy level was dropping.  On  Friday at the veterinary clinic we took x-rays and a new blood test.  She had just had a blood test on Jan. 16 in preparation for her surgery and it was normal.  The results from the new blood test were very poor.  The x-rays showed a distinct possibility of fluid in the abdomen which is not good under any circumstances.  We then did an ultrasound that confirmed the presence of fluid.  It also showed abnormal kidney shape consistent with how they appear when lymphoma is present. 

Misty had a fighting spirit through all of her issues and enough love to touch everyone who came into contact with her.  She was an incredible bunny and we thank each and every person who wanted to provide her with every chance possible.

Donations to "The Misty Blue Fund" will, in her honor, be used to help other bunnies with urgent, critical care issues.
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