"The Bunny House" Shelter

Please note: Our shelter is not open to the public.  We have a conditional use permit from St. Louis County which restricts us to educational activities and visits from our members.  For boarding or shopping you must be a member whose dues are current.

Membership is only $25 per year. Click HERE to join MOHRS.  Our first time adopters and Humane Society bunny adopters receive a free one year membership but you must get a membership card from Marjorie Manahan: mkmanahan@gmail.com

General hours for our members to shop or visit are: 

Monday - Friday   7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday               9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday                 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM     
We have volunteers available to help shoppers at the above times. 

Volunteers may be there at other times, but are there to feed/water/hay/clean, care for the bunnies, so are not generally available to help visiting members. 

You may always leave messages on our message line:  314-995-1457 or write to us at mo_hrs@hotmail.com        
HRS MO St. Louis

We have lots of good things for bunnies. Members have a large variety of bunny items from which to choose when shopping at the Bunny House Shelter store.

If you are a member and need directions please e-mail us at mo_hrs@hotmail.com   To join MOHRS, click HERE.

Here are just a few of the great items available at the Bunny House store:

Rabbit Rescue Calendars  -  Seagrass mats  -  Hay hoppers
Food and Water bowls  -  Quality pelleted feeds  -  Quality Timothy hay
Treats  -  Rabbit care books  -  Carriers - Large cages 
The "Furminator" brushing tool -  Bunny toys  -  Bunny chews 
Litter boxes  -  Bunny Play Tunnels - Bunny Handbook - Myristol
Cardboard castles  -  Cotton rugs for bunny cages - Exercise pens

Bunny Handbook - It welcomes you to our chapter with a list of our services and our recommendations for everything your bunny needs to be healthy and happy.  You will learn what kind of cage a bunny should have, the litter box, the type of litter, the type of hay and pellets, emergency instructions telling you what you must do when your bunny refuses to eat, and so much more. The 15 page book is available for only $5 in the store, or contact Pat Daly to email it to you: wdaly@sbcglobal.net  Type "Book" as the subject of your email.

Cotton Rugs -  The striped rugs perfectly fit a 48 inch long dog crate.  With one end folded under, they also work well for a 42 inch crate.  The rugs are 100% cotton so the fibers won't harm your bunny if chewed.  A rabbit can digest cotton, but not synthetics.  Synthetic fibers can cause a deadly gut blockage.  These colorful cotton rugs are approx. 47 1/2 inches x 27 inches and are only $14 each. Colors may vary.  To clean, just toss in washer and dryer.

Hay -
- Small Pet Select soft cut timothy hay in 10 lb. boxes and 25 lb. boxes 
- American Pet Diner 2nd cut timothy hay in 5 lb. and 25 lb. boxes
- Oxbow first cut hay in various sizes. 
- We also have a limited quantity of oat hay which is a great treat hay for 

Vacation Villa -
If you want your bunny to have a penthouse view, we sell this Vacation Villa from Leith Petwerks for only $19. The villa has a mid-level with windows and a rooftop level. Dimensions:  26 inches tall x 19 3/4 inches square

Myristol for Rabbits -
Pelleted product for joint health.  It contains cetyl myristoleate, hydrolyzed collagen, glucosamine adn MSM.  Proven effective for bunnies wih arthritis.  One jar is $25 and will last 150 days for a 10 pound bunny or 300 days for a five pound bunny.